Albin Siggesson

We stole bikes and laughed

5.250 kr

42 x 60 cm

"Will we ever find something evil in him?

I'm more than convinced that the answer is No!
How close?
Yes how near and dear?
To him? If he lets me in?
Hmm, not close at all
Then how do you know? Same story over and over again
I just feel it
I decide to trust you but you have to admit - he's like a finished record, an eternally nodding needle
No protest from me! Erection your onion!
Hah, funny
Yes, the opposite of that childhood-memory he keeps referring to every time the second glass of Sambuca kisses his inner
"We stole bikes and laughed""
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Edition: Original

The price includes 5% art fee.

MaterialAcrylics, solid marker & poscas on Italian paper

Seller: Albin Siggesson

The framing is important for the experience of the art - therefore we are happy to help you. If you live in Oslo or the surrounding area, you can order the picture completely framed. We work with a Norwegian champion in framing who uses materials of the highest quality to ensure that your photos are exactly the way you want them.

Choose between standard glass or anti-reflective glass (AR / UV70). Anti-reflective glass has 70% UV protection and protects the artwork better than ordinary glass and is also non-reflective, which is especially an advantage if the image is to be hung somewhere with direct light. 

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