Albin Siggesson

Gaggy lil`Geezer

5.200 kr

40 x 40 cm


Albin Siggesson experiments with various techniques in the visual arts and has designed a distinctive painterly expression. His works can be described as exploratory and expressive, with irregular lines and compositions. 

"Do it! Do it! 
You love it! 
Come on fuckface!
Oh! The shirt-button reminds me of an old fashion, stirred with snot from winter night #8388
I'm getting closer to reach out for a sip of curse OOO-O-OOO THE SEX IS ON FIII-IIIR-EE
I love that song
I mean the band
The band is great
The song just pass
Gaggy lil' Geezer
Where was I?"
-See more from Albin Siggesson


Editions: 1/1 Original

Price includes 5% art tax.

MaterialAcrylics, posca, solid marker, ink, gelly roll and glossy varnish on stretched canvas

Production year: 2022

Seller: Albin Siggesson

Framed: no. Get in touch for framing!

The framing is important for the experience of the art - therefore we are happy to help you. If you live in Oslo or the surrounding area, you can order the picture completely framed. We work with a Norwegian champion in framing who uses materials of the highest quality to ensure that your photos are exactly the way you want them.

Choose between standard glass or anti-reflective glass (AR / UV70). Anti-reflective glass has 70% UV protection and protects the artwork better than ordinary glass and is also non-reflective, which is especially an advantage if the image is to be hung somewhere with direct light. 

See more about framing here

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