Do you want to sell your art through OsloNowhere? If so, we'd love to hear from you!

Why sell your art at OsloNowhere? 

The short version is that we try to make it easier to sell good art. Our collaboration with the artists means that the artist creates and we sell, and takes a commission when work is sold. At the same time, the artists are completely free to have other collaborations and other projects underway. 

We work closely with the artists to create content that tells the customer what they need to know about the work, the artist and the process. Furthermore, we work to market the works digitally so that they can reach a wider audience.   

How do we know if it is a match? 

We try to gather artists who are early in their careers and who we believe have a special quality, across medium. When we receive inquiries, these are reviewed by artists and curators, who emphasize both the technicality, uniqueness, previous achievements and the extent to which the profile corresponds with our vision. 

What we need from you:  

1. Some photos of your work or link to portfolio 

2. Context. Tell us a little about the process or inspiration for your photos

3. A few sentences about previous achievements, exhibitions or the like


All inquiries are reviewed, but because we receive a lot of inquiries, we unfortunately do not get feedback to everyone. 


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