Martin Whatson (b. 1984) is a Norwegian street artist who is best known for his calligraphic blobs in shades of gray. Martin has an unmistakable aesthetic that combines abstract movement with figurative stencil compositions.


The internationally renowned artists SNIK combine hand-cut multi-layer stencils with ethereal portraits from a male / female double perspective. Da smaller scale and the complexity of layered stencil work requires incredible precision and careful compositional thinking.


Hama Woods (b. 1981) is a stencil artist based in Oslo. Her work is characterized by the use of hand cuts, multi-layered stencils and spray painting, and shows deep respect for nature and its immediate connection to humanity.


The art of Kim "SinnSykShit" Larsen is most often seen in a bird's eye view with the main focus on the cityscape set in a comic book world. With innocent portrayal, strong colors and objects, Kim lets the audience take part in his imagination and create his own stories for the art.