Privacy and our use of personal information and statistics

Here you can read about how we process your information when you visit our website and what we store / do not store information.

When you visit our website on the domain and any subdomains, you accept our processing of personal information, information and traffic data as described below.

Personal Information

We do not normally collect or store any personal information about you when you visit our websites, unless you actively initiate an order to purchase one or more of our services. Such storage of personal information is necessary in order to be able to provide the relevant services to you. No information or information is stored that is not necessary to be able to deliver the service (s) that have been ordered or attempted to be ordered. The exception is if you use our service to search for company names in the Brønnøysund registers, where we store the company name you applied for and your IP address to be able to give you a better experience when you use our website.


New Company uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file that many websites use to be able to recognize your computer when you visit the website repeatedly. This makes it easier to give you a good experience when you use the website, and makes it possible to adapt the information you see so that it becomes as relevant as possible for your visit. A cookie is a passive file, and it cannot spread viruses or other malicious programs, or be used to identify you as a person.

The purpose of cookies

The purpose of our use of cookies is to obtain statistics and information about how our visitors use our websites in order to provide the most relevant information and the best possible user experience in the future. We also use cookies in connection with marketing. This primarily applies to Google Remarketing, which allows us to show you customized ads for our services through Google's ad network when you visit different websites after first visiting our website.

Google and other third parties such as Bing, Facebook and LinkedIn display ads on our behalf on various websites, including their own.

Google and other third parties use cookies to show relevant ads to visitors who have visited our website. An example of this is if you have visited pages related to a specific service on our website, you may see ads for the same service when you visit other websites that are part of Google's advertising network. Your personal information is anonymous, and we have no ability to identify you as a result of our use of such cookies.

You can opt out of Google's cookies by visiting this page

What cookies do we use?

Google Analytics with remarketing: used in marketing. Collects anonymous information about how you navigate our site and allows us to serve custom ads through the Google advertising network when you visit other sites or search Google.

Facebook: used in connection with marketing. Let us serve you customized ads when you visit Facebook or other sites that are part of Facebook's advertising network.


If you have any questions about how we process your personal information and the information obtained when you visit our website, please contact us at or tel +47 92092535