Choices - classic ed.

4.725 kr

Paper: 80 x 50cm

Artwork: 75 x 45cm

Heavily influenced by his roots in street-art and graffiti, Bjors works are characterized by effective contrasts between monochrome figures and vibrant colors. 

Encompassing a wide range of techniques such as spray-paint, airbrush, palette knives, markers and brushes he often creates human characters along with abstract waves and explosions, his art portrays the beauty and contrasts in life and society along with psychological and philosophical narratives. -Se mer fra Bjor her

Editions: 30

Material: 1 layered silkscreen print on 300g Conqueror Connoisseur Soft White

Seller: Bjor

The framing is important for the experience of the art - therefore we are happy to help you. If you live in Oslo or the surrounding area, you can order the picture completely framed. We work with a Norwegian champion in framing who uses materials of the highest quality to ensure that your photos are exactly the way you want them.

Choose between standard glass or anti-reflective glass (AR / UV70). Anti-reflective glass has 70% UV protection and protects the artwork better than ordinary glass and is also non-reflective, which is especially an advantage if the image is to be hung somewhere with direct light. 

See more about framing here

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