Oslo Art Walk


We invite you to our very first Oslo Art Walk festival in Holmens gate on Aker Brygge from 22nd to 26th of September 2021! The festival is a collaboration between Oslo Nowhere, Oslo Byfestival and Aker Brygge, as an exciting journey in the world of street art. Thursday 23rd there will be a party and you can experience live street art by our most famous artists Martin Whatson, SinnsykShit, and Hama Woods, to music by Tommy Tee.

Artists during the Oslo Art Walk:

Martin Whatson

Martin is a Norwegian street artist who is known for his calligraphic works in shades of gray. Martin combines abstract movement with figurative stenciled compositions. With an urge to search for beauty in what is usually associated as ugly and unpopular - Martin creates both conflict and unity in his works. Martin often finds inspiration in people, urban landscapes, graffiti and dilapidated buildings.

Hama Woods

Hama is a female stencil artist based in Oslo. Her work shows deep respect for nature and its connection to man. Hamas' work communicates the important role of nature in expressing human greed and consumption, and its direct impact on our natural environment. Hand-cut stencils, in several layers and spray paint - Hama wants to strengthen and challenge the public to reconsider and make decisions of their own choosing, and how this affects nature.

Kim “Sinnsykshit” Larsen

SinnSykShit is a Norwegian visual artist, with several creative expressions. Sinnsykshit has had exhibitions both in galleries and at festivals in Norway and internationally. His art is most often seen in bird's perspective with the main focus on the cityscape in a comic book world. With innocent presentation and strong colors, Kim lets the audience take part in his own imagination, but also create his own stories around art.